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Welcome to Indri Zest, People say, your home is a mirror reflection of your personality. We say, let’s partner in manifesting the vision of  your dream home. Home is a place that holds people, moments and their vibes. Vibes are something that's hard to connect with just another one, but once it's connected, can paint a breathtaking canvas.

So let's create it Together with Passion.

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Simply delightful, I can spend hours, just exploring the Home Regal’s collection. They provide great assistance even in selection according to the theme of home. Their customer services are also great. Thanks a lot for making my experience so special !

Anna Rego

I’m a frequent buyer of decor products, have tried so many web stores. What i love about this one is they have a blend of classic and funky products. Colourful yet classy. I have bought so many things from Home Regal and I am simply amazed.

Judy Schab

I'm in love with this store ! I just moved into a bigger apartment and wanted to create a space that's simple yet functional and they got it right. I got great products at reasonable prices. I bought a few tabletops. They are super cute. Everybody loves them.

Tanya Ramirez