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32 Grid Drawer Type Egg Storage Box

32 Grid Drawer Type Egg Storage Box

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This egg storage organizer container can hold up to 32 eggs. Keep every piece of your eggs intact and fresh with this home basic fridge bin. The stackable design allows you to utilize all your fridge space without crushing the eggs. Perfect for Refrigerator Storage.

Perfect to use in the restaurant, table, kitchen, outdoor picnic, barbecue, and everywhere you need to put the eggs. Also, help you save kitchen space and put more food in the refrigerator. 32 Grid Egg Storage Box prevents the eggs from shaking, breaking, and dropping.


How this Egg Box will be a Great Storage Option?

UNIQUE DESIGN: Double drawer design, easy to take out of the storage container. A clear and visible transparent egg tray design is easy to observe, providing an excellent display for your eggs.

MULTI-PURPOSE: Our dust-proof container with a lid is suitable for fridge, freezer, pantry, refrigerator, kitchen cabinets, camping, and picnic. Special designs for deviled eggs can prevent this tasty food from tainting or losing original flavors.

WIDE APPLICATION: These versatile trays are the perfect solution for organizing fridges, these portable eggs carrying case box is designed to make egg storage easier, and is also suitable for strawberries and other fruits.

  • Size: 24cm x 21cm x 14cm
  • Material: Plastic
  • 1 x 32 Grid Egg Storage Box



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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Garry Breitenberg

I had a different egg organizer that my husband bought so I hadn't looked around for anything and used it for some time and then saw this one and I had to get it. It's got a nice compact design to hold so many eggs and is flat on top so I could put something on top of it if I wanted to (my previous organizer had eggs on top without a cover over them so I couldn't have done that). I also like that I can remove a tray to my counter to get the eggs out I need and put the tray back into the organizer when I'm done.

Jeffery Ninsiima

Nice and perfect size

Evie Phillips

I recently ordered another egg drawer and I have to say, this one is much more attractive. What matters more is that it feels like it’s solidly built. I’m a little shocked at the negative reviews, because I don’t have half the grief with it that others seem to have had. The plastic feels hard enough to me to last for what it would be doing. I mean, you’re not going to play soccer with it. You’re just using it to store eggs, one of nature’s most delicate and fragile offerings. They’re not rugged enough to need a bulletproof encasement. I personally find the thickness of this drawer’s plastic more than adequate.In regards to the drawer not pulling all the way out, this is likely intentional to prevent accidentally yanking out the entire thing and experiencing an epic mess that would end all messes. Seriously, it would be as if you'd opened the gates of Hades and been sucked in... Needless to say, I more so appreciate that little feature than hate it.My only grievance I guess would be that it’s quite pricey especially for the amount of eggs it holds. My father’s chickens yield quite a bit of eggs and this thing by itself wouldn’t be much help. If quantity is important to you here, definitely look for something bigger. If you just want an attractive way to display your eggs in the fridge with the added convenience of being able to simply pull them out of a drawer, this is a good choice. Overall 5 stars.

Bagwati Bhatia

Great way to keep your fridge organized. Easy to remove the trays and easy to clean.

Funmilade Muinat

This is easy to set up. It holds a good amount of eggs, 32 to be exact. This is really easy to clean, you can just place it into the dishwasher. The eggs don’t slip around and the drawers move easily.