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Cocobolo 3pcs. Wooden Flatware

Cocobolo 3pcs. Wooden Flatware

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The Smartest and the Most sustainable way to start your Meals this Season - Say No to Plastics & Go Eco-Friendly🌱

🌱Ecofirendly - We all know that traditional silverware get corroded & cause harm to the environment. It's time to go eco-friendlyThe natural surface provides a non-slip grip; you can reuse them over and over again without worrying about tarnishing your lovely Ceramics.

Also, no more irritating metal clancking sounds

🌱Natural & Durable - Made of Highly strong Nanmu wood (used for building ships in the old days) this set is sourced from sustainable forests of Asia including Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, etc. More durable than Bamboo flatware.

🌱Child Safe & Toxin Free - Natural Nanmu wood is durable and resilient enough to wear through many family gatherings, meals served with love. Food Tastes Much natural withour having metal tastes in Mouth.

 🌱Makes an Awesome Gift - It would be so great to give a gift that could last you and your loved ones for years. Sounds like an eco-friendly solution? No worries, we got your back

This means you are minimizing the impact on our environment by reducing plastic waste.

🌱Perfect for Travel - This set takes up minimal space in your luggage or carry bag thanks to its compact size. Perfect for frequent travelers, lovers of the outdoors, and camping excursions; campers will love this because it's lightweight and fits well with their traveling style.



Net weight:33g (One Set)

Size:Chopsticks: 23.5*1.5 (cm);Spoon: 22.5*4 (cm);Fork: 22.5*3 (cm)

Material: Wooden


Package Includes:

Pack of 4



4*One pair of chopsticks

Pack of 6



6* One Pair of chopsticks


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Customer Reviews

Based on 123 reviews

I got these because we got new ceramic plates and I couldn't stand the sound of our metal utensils on the plates- plus out utensils plastic handles were falling off- so I bought these as a replacement and the quality so far is great! The food tastes better in my opinion coming off these than off metal. And they feel better on my teeth. Not to mentions how beautiful they are! Really glad I made the switch.


Very cute cutlery sets! I can’t believe we got two for this price. We took them on a road trip and they really came in handy. I personally hate using plastic spoons and forks, not to mention the fact that take out places don’t always remember to include cutlery in your bag. The wood is beautiful and smooth and I love the carrying cases.

Ariana Fidalgo

I love these cutlery sets, I purchased them for the office at one of my accounting clients, we order lunch out often and most of the time cutlery is not included, and we also decided we did not want to keep throwing away plastic. These are beautiful, the cloth holders are very attractive, they would make a really nice gift. They are comfortable to use, very sturdy, and just very nice to use. I purchased another set I was so impressed.


Wow, a cool set, I did not even expect what would be like. All as in the description. The set is even larger in size than I thought. In the photo near attached a regular tablespoon (for comparison). Made qualitatively, "zanozy" does not stick out (only on the fork from the inside a little, but for me it's nonsense. This is not even a splinter, but a uneven tree). Cheholchik is also good. The ends of the sticks are very thin (I like them). In general, I'm happy.

Miranda Marinho

Update - We bought these two years ago, and they are still holding up strong. My husband and toddler loves these. I’m buying another set for Christmas just so they have more. This set is a couple dollars more than it was in summer of 2020, but what hasn’t increased in price since then? It’s still a great value! Would recommend. You are supposed to hand wash these gently for longevity. Don’t soak these— or any wooden utensil or dish. It won’t be the end of the world if they make their way into the dishwasher a few times, but that is not ideal.